About Me

Born in Austria, I moved to Finland following love and profession some 10 years ago. As a scientist in my main profession, i deal with hard facts most of day and need some creative work to balance my brain - this is photography. However, for some reason i did not touch my camera for the last years or so, and it was only after the birth of our child that I got passionate again. Now, i really want to document her life and leave something timeless for her (and us). And my wish has expanded, I want to document now also the life of others. Of you. I want to capture all your true and authentical moments, remind you how beautiful you are and give your feelings and connections some visual voice. I want to make you happy and create images for you that fill your heart, as mine is filled when i am with my child. You will not receive the classical “smile into the camera" images but captures of candid, real moments, and reflections of your soul. If this speaks to you, i hope we will connect.