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8 am in the morning is usually about the time our little girl Antonia wakes up these days. Little late, I know, but it is dark already here in Finland in October and all of us actually only rise after sunrise.  I love to watch her when she sleeps in the mornings, so it was inspiring to take pictures of her in this calm moments. The light is actually perfect during these morning hour in our bedroom, soft and creamy and it spreads beautifully over the blanket and her body. She twists, turns and moans quite often during this wake-up phase, maybe something between 7:30 and 8:00. And even when her eyes are finally fully open, she would lay for while and play with her hands or some toys quietly until she is ready for the world. Sometimes she wakes up with good mood and sometimes with bad mood, it is unpredictable. Good mood involves a smile and a bold "mogen!" from her side, which is German and means "good morning". Bad mood involved desperate crying for something (food?) and a "nein" to every suggestion. In any case, I nearly always I hold her in my arms and carry her around. Unfortunately I did not manage to take a picture with remote while holding her, have to try at another time. It can also happen that Antonia is also already up at 8:00, and then one of the first ways is into the bathroom. Recently she has discovered that sitting in our tiny sink is fun, especially playing with the water. Between 8 and 9 we have breakfast, get dressed so that we can bring her to Kindergarten and us to work…thus a more hectic hour starts, but this is another story.

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