children jumping on the bed

Visit from friends

We are alone, Antonia and me, until Wednesday since Tanya visits St. Petersburg for a work-related trip. This is always an intensive time for me, beautiful and little stressful at the same time, where I juggle between work and trying to find enough time for her. But I love this closeness, where we go to bed late and follow our own rules. We manage and continue as a threesome for the rest of the week. We concentrate on reading more to her and sharing meals, all things which need improvement. In the meantime the first snow fell in Kuopio, yes it is true. Time with ski masks has started, as well as snow-eating time. Uups! She has not forgotten that it tastes so well. Should we wait again until spring when the snow melts? Hope not. On Sundays, Maija visits with her husband Igor and both kids, Petja and Tanya, for Christmas-cookie baking. Maija's children are participating nicely in our baking activity, while Antonia prefers to play with Igor. Later on they are allowed to jump on the bed, and things get little bit wilder; especially Antonia and Petja jump with their full heart, wrestle, giggle and chuckle. Finally we eat nearly everything what we baked. It was fun and yummy!