Toddler walking in the snow in winter sun

Winter-sun walking

This week we two had bachelor time and we kind of enjoyed it. Thursday was the day when the photographer from the estate agency came to take pictures of our apartment, since we finally decided to sell it and will try to buy a bigger one - toys are piling up and the current one is cozy, nice and so on, but just a little too small. Antonia will need also an own room one day. I was quite busy cleaning our bachelor mess on Thursday early morning to make a good impression, that took some time. Otherwise, hectic christmas time has started also at work, thus I had long days and little time for photography (beside a snow- walk in the winter-sun on Sunday). I was so tempted to ask whether Antonia can stay full day also on thursday this week at Kindergarten, especially since Tuesday was a bank holiday, but finally decided to spend this half day with her. Yes, Tuesday was a holiday and while I was in the believe that it is our traditional “Nikolaus-tag” and was walking down memory lanes with good old Krampus celebrations, Finland actually celebrates its Independence day on 6.12.2016. About time I know. On Wednesday, we went to Haploid with Henri & Albertti, and also Maija & Petja & Tanja joined, needless to say it was fun and success. I lost her about 3times in the tangle and because she is also soooo quick, but luckily nothing happened. Two more weeks until christmas holiday starts :)