Jochberg, Easter - there is a little reflection in the window


After a few days in Vienna we head to our place, Jochberg. Where we feel so much at home, it is hard to describe. I could never skip this trip, though it was a little exhausting with overly full trains for Easter. There is still some snow covering the fields in this mountain village, but when the sun shines it is getting very warm. So it happened on Easter Sunday, when this picture was taken. Do you recognize Antonia and me in the window reflections? Mama, as always, decorated the houes nicely, this time in Easter style. During the week, we walk regularly our "Schradl-Dorf-Runde", meet with family, go skiing. Antonia is overly happy to see all her cousins and aunts, her uncle, granny and babushka and deduschka. And to walk around in the garden. She surely is a Tyrolean girl :)