Back in Vienna, we continue our work at university. As agreed with Sonja, she takes care about her the first week before kindergarten starts, since Tanya and me are busy. So Tuesday and Wednesday Antonia is in the experienced hands of my cousin, and as expected everything goes fine. She adapts easily and likes playing with Sonja's boys. However, stuff needs to be complete. On day two of her stay at Sonja’s home, when she is first alone, she is little grumpy and Sonja tells that with every boy coming home, her mood would get better. Unfortunately, Antonia gets high fever on Thursday and with over 39 degree, we decide for a check-up at the hospital. The unexpected news is that she has a urinary tract infection and needs to stay at the hospital with high levels of antibiotics, infusions etc. and I stay with her. So the rest of the week we see only the walls of station 3A at the St. Anna’s hospital, and I have a hard time making sure she is not running around with the infusion flask. Tanya cooks for us and visits us regularly, which cheers us up the rest of the time. Good news is, that by sunday, she is much better. But it was a rough start in Vienna, and work has to wait.