Visit from home

My mother and sister were on a visit here this week for a few days. This was a long-awaited visit, and a much needed contact with home and close people after a little bit stressful time and also to bridge the days until our own holiday in Austria starts. We had horrible weather, it was raining most of the time but you know what: it did not matter. It was cosy at home, though rainy not cold outside and we utilized the few drop-free moments to take a walk at the shore-line and through the city, and to visit the zoo park nearby. We indulged ourselves and cooked well, and spent one whole afternoon with wellness pure. Tanya left us alone and visited St. Petersburg, and there was something very warm and familiar within this Biasi-girls togetherness. Antonia did fit in, but she has currently a little bit too strong will according to my taste and we have to still work harder on educating her…well, next week then.