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How big things seem from child's perspective....

The first week in Kuopio starts rather relaxed. With the exception that Antonia does not really like to visit Kindergarden, and it is always a little drama when we leave her there. She remembers this time quite well her cousins alias play mates from Jochberg, and does apparently miss them. But she calms down quite quickly as Maarit from Pikku Pietari informs us nicely regularly via SMS. They tell us that she has visibly grown in those 2 weeks of holidays and that she is more social- Adriana is her new friend, they both like to play in the children's kitchen. Also eating has improved, luckily, though her favorite “gutti” (Joghurti) is not yet completely off the menu. Did I already mention how much these packages/suckies cost us each month? We will get poor soon….The weathers changed quite soon after our arrival and it has decreased from -30 to about -10 °C overnight, lucky we. There is lots of snow, and a nice wintry feeling which was lacking in Austria. We are happy to be back on our island where we are fully able to do what we like with our time. It is our sweet home after all 😃

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