Catching up: 31/52 - Summer

The 52 project_collage_very_small.jpg

So far, my summer has been good with regard to the weather, and even in Finland it is quite warm at the moment. But just arrive, and I am about to leave again soon. .

It is true, I did not take any pictures this week. Maybe I am still recovering from this, after all, quite exhausting trip, or I simply enjoy the time and closeness to my family. What I do, instead, is editing all those Cherskii pictures and of course also those sweet little treasures I received during the trip from Tanya. Where she documents their time together. I was gazing at those pictures so often on the ship, and was showing them proudly to others. So here they are. Antonia playing doctor with her pets (favorite game), Antonia preparing for a bicycle ride of course with Tanya´s Ray Ben glasses, Antonia playing in the playground barefoot (her socks got wet), running around in swimming suit at home, and of course, "puta schaun", Love every single one of these, and could not decide which one to pick. On the week-end, we fly to Austria, and our real holidays start finally.