11/52 - MOTION

Child watching at a top spinner

New toy for the child, new editing technique for the mother (low key)

Actually not only Antonia received new toys this week, also her mommy: a new travel camera or second body, the Fuji XT-1. I did a lot of research and it came down to this body, mostly because of the good lenses Fuji provides. I returned my beloved Sony NEX-6, which Tanya presented me for the birth of Antonia, with her blessing but still with a heavy heart. I am quite sentimental with such things. But I know that something much better is coming. And I emptied again our household savings, but it had to be. And I am more than happy with the results. The (few) pictures during this week were taken with the new one, I still have to practise. Yes, and she received a top spinner which I wanted to buy her for a long time. And guess what. She does not really like it, is even a little afraid of it. So mostly Tanya and me play with it. By the way. “Toja” is past, she calls herself now “Atoja”. And one morning she woke up and the first words were: “Atoja Basi”. It was the first time she said her full name, i was nearly in tears. I am Momi Basi by the way if I ask. And Taya is Taya, and when Antonia is in very good mood she calls her “Mama Taya”. Everything is perfect right now. Absolutely everything :)