29/52 - Blue hour

We fly back in the evening, when the sun is very low. There is no real blue hour here in Cherskii at the moment, since the sun still does not set. But the sunlight during our departure is so cool, and comes close to the color blue.

Back at the station, the lab work and final days start. And a different, but also exciting life here in Cherskii 2017. There are two other groups at the station, a German and an American, as well as journalists. we play ping pong in the evening and cards. We talk a lot, and play the guitar and sing. Yessss, also i play and love it. I have not forgotten the accords…it is so much fun. Nikita shows us the Pleistocene park on Monday, an interesting excursion. There is also some dancing on  the last day before we leave, Wednesday, because Sergey Zimov has birthday. We had very tasty food, some vodka and all in all it was a nice evening. And generally a really nice trip. The way home is long again, but I am so looking forward to my girls which makes it shorter.  Finally, there is the re-union on Friday. I come home in the middle of the night. I hear "Mama weg" in the morning when I wake up, and when Tanya tells here that I am back. "Mama weg" - with sad voice. But she is back. I am back. She can hardly believe it and she touches me as if i am not real and does not leave my side for the following days. She is happy, and so am I.