1/52 - 2018: My word for 2018

IMG_0332_LR edited_web.jpg

My word for 2018 is “education”.

This has multiple meanings: first of all I want to educate my thoughts better. My thoughts go all to often in circles, I am worrying for no reason etc. I so would like to free my mind better by tackling this. Secondly, I mean it literally. I want to give back a little more of what I know about photography (and also in my real profession as a scientist). but let us stick to photography here: I am maybe not at that stage that I I am experienced enough but I have taken lessons myself and have learned a couple of things and I want to start giving back. For example: This is a picture of my loved sister Katrin. I went with her over the exposure triangle for the first time before she took that photo with her CANON G10 yesterday. It is not the best camera but it allows some manual use. She perfectly understood, froze the moment by upping the shutter speed to 1/1000 and had some background blur by Lowering the f-stop. I am proud of her, this is an excellent shot! And thanks Katrin for this wonderful holiday we had in the Tyrol!!


We had very nice sylvester, with the traditional crew, including Sonja and some of her boys, and lots of firework for midnight. No dancing, though. Tanya and me had even time to chin-chin with Prosecco for some minutes alone. Jochberg’s sylvester was as always touching. We were not in the mood to celebrate new year’s eve in Kitzbuehle this time and stayed at home, no matter what. Karin and Michi left on 2nd and the crew changed, with Katrin and her children arriving. I was really looking forward to this and indeed things got a little calmer and more relaxed simply because the number of persons decreased. Some program together (Aquarena, Sauna at Gunter’s, lunch with babushka Digta), something alone (Kitzbuehel, skiing) and in the evening massage a la tri. I am really happy she came. she left on sunday and we on monday. with mama getting sick for the second time during this holiday. only we stayed healthy. maybe my word should be health or strength, but i do not want to count on that 😃