2/52 - 2018: Unseen


Unseen. That light!! And what is unseen but makes this picture even more special to me: this is our house. A 500 year old former farm house with the name “Dagnhaus”. In the rural areas of the Tyrol.


After a short layover in Vienna, where I had a talk at University of Vienna and Antonia released the fire-alarm in Hotel Mozart, we return to Finland. On Wednesday, to be exact. Time has come, and it feels right to go home to Finland. Yes, indeed, i call it already my home after so many years and after Antonia being born there. The travel as such goes fine, Antonia is now more and more distractible with toys and other things, and also enjoys looking out of the window in the airplane. So we do not have to run up and down the whole flight anymore. 😃 In Finland, she starts new Kindergarten, already on Thursday. So me and Tanya, in shifts, stay with her until she gets adapted. Which should not happen still this week (but next). So we have a slow start, my calendar is yet empty, we are still in our old apartment (since it is still not sold), and have freedom which we enjoy. It was a nice stay in Austria, but we are quite happy now also to be back :).

Christina B.Comment