4/52 - Low Light

2018-01-22-POV-car-5-Edit-Edit_LR edited_web.jpg

That theme fits well for this week, since we have still rather short days- photography at low light is challenging, but i take this challenge and hunt again for low light pictures this week.

We visited once Puijo tower after work. we have not been there for  a long time what  shame, there is such a great view. And actually quite good food as well. Nice evening. It was Tanya’s names-day this week, which i luckily did not forget this year. I think for the first time. This is such a big day in Russia, and not at all celebrated in Europe. Apropos Europe: she is preparing her citizenship application :). It seems the language test was sufficiently passed and she will give it a try. That was not a heavy task (the language test I mean; as she put it: some do it, some fight for it :). Otherwise, Antonia feels rather comfortable in the new Kindergarten. Heli, her nurse, is also a true angle. Her finish language is slowly waking up as well though some mix must exist in her head. Sometimes she tries to express something and we simply do not understand her. She gets angry then, which happens actually quite often recently. Poor girl. Like the other day, she wanted to play “guggea”. It was not gugu, which is our name for hide and seek. Tanya dug deep into her Russian and me deep into my German, nothing came up. she tried to show us with hands and feet and did certain gestures,  which we often understand, but not this time. No chance. Naturally she got angry. The only thing which helps then is give her some Gutti (Yogurt suckies, particularly banana flavor) to stop the tears from running. For the archive, we went swimming on Sunday while our apartment was showing. Antonia is diving already like a fish, and though she drinks quite much water during such occasions she likes it lot.