5/52 - 2018: These hands

These hands which touch me when you want to know how tall I am

She is 100.7 cm now. We know this because we have our 3-years check up with Antonia this week in Neuvola. Anne-Maria, her nurse, plays certain games with her to look at her cognitive thinking skills (building bricks in a certain order), she has to paint circles and lines, and even paint a person. Luckily Oma Ulli practised with her the head, so only legs and arms were flying around somewhere else. Everything was fine. After some trials, she also passed the seeing test and hearing was fine right from the beginning (I has to whispers something in german from behind. Antonia listens and whispered back to me). overall she likes such occasions, is not shy and usually runs into her best form. Also this time. Moricial skills were anyhow ver good, so she can walk on her heels as she should and can catch a ball. And: also her weight is increasing, she is now 14 kg. It is still low, and a little too low for her height, but weight to size ratio is contestant. That was relieving, since eating is still not her strong side. In Kindergarten, they also noticed that already. But what can we do, of Antonia comes home and we ask her why she did not eat, she usually answers: i tried, and it was wÀÀhhh. then she makes this face like i can understand the taste immediately :) that girl. Just for the archive: we were skating and barbecuing some sausages with Maija, Igor and the kids and also Angelika and her family joined on sundays. That was beautiful and the kids obviously enjoyed it.