10/52 - 2018: Portrait

2018-03-11-Kontilla-Puijo-dog-14_LR edited_web.jpg

A portrait, what else I would chose for my 52 project than a portrait of Antonia. At Kontilla, the old farmhouse at Puijo hill, the light is just amazing.

This was  a week with a mix of adventures and stay-at home parenting. It was the last week of my photo-workshop, and i had to submit my hero images reflecting totally myself. So i went on a journey inside of myself and took Antonia and Tanya with me. I had to submit one picture about a value which is important to me: of course i shared one from Antonia. The second picture should be about an attitude, something I like. That was easy I really like being outdoors and go on adventures as you know. The last one was about a believe. I chose the picture of Tanya touching a dog. With the words: "I believe that animals are important for children.” In between our photo safaris (one to the Suovo-Palonen river trail, another to the Iso-Valkainen lake, then to Kontilla), Antonia had influenza for three days. That was exactly when Tanya left to St. Petersburg, of course (again - work reasons) and she really had high fever, and we just had to wait until it was over. It was hard for her (and for me as well, who eagerly wanted to go out). I used the time for some selfies with her. Otherwise, I can also announce that Antonia does not need her favorite gutties anymore in the night, and also not during the day. Actually the production of them stopped also in Finland, so she had to wean on it. And as a result, she sleeps through the night. A real milestone, especially for us :).