9/52 - 2018: Silent words

2018-03-03-VR-Photoseries-Ravioli-23_LR edited_CM.jpg

My silent word blog for this week will be a food story. Ravioli with love.

Last week-end we finally decided to cook something together. Antonia loves cooking, or let's say playing with food, and we love to watch her (most of the time at least). We decided to make ravioli. As you know, I am from Austria and Italian kitchen is very popular there. And I simply love ravioli. I am not vegetarian at all, but with ravioli i will not miss meat at all. The second thought behind this activity was to connect Antonia more with eating. She is a still a horribly bad eater, and after her thickness last week she is visibly thin. She has less than 14 kg now which she had in January. So we thought, if we show her how to cook, maybe she will get more interested in eating as well. I looked up a recipe in the internet, and when deciding upon the filling, color played a role. I wanted the colors to pop, so we thought about a sweet potato filling which is orange. Other than that, there is not so much to say. The light was simply stunning and it almost felt like spring already. Antonia was eagerly mixing the dough and rolling it and she even helped a little to put the filling inside. At some point she got bored and went to watch tv, and we finished the whole set of about 100 ravioli. Well, Tanya finished and I took pictures. After making them, they were deep frozen immediately. I think this this makes them taste even better because the dough gets more firm then after being cooked. Later this week we tried them, I can tell you, it simply tasted heavenly :).