11/52 - 2018: Playful

2018-03-18-Easter eggs - Maija-28_LR edited_web.jpg

Playful - we were invited to visit friends this week, namely Maija, Igor and their kids Petja and Tanya. The kids were excited. And above all, they were painting Easter eggs and playing games!

But first to something completely different. Winter seems to be never ending this year. Or is it always in March that I get tired of it? Maybe. In any case, i have to reach deep into my bag of tricks to find still something which motivates me to go outside. It had to be a hammock. Yes, all these vertical lines from the birches needed to be  broken with a hammock. Luckily we borrowed one at some point to Pertti, and i could borrow it from him. A good reason to visit Pertti and his wife again after a long time, it was very nice. The girls had fun with that hammock, especially installing it was a blast, unfortunately there are no pictures when Tanya was standing on my back but believe me. It was an ideal swing for both of them. And then: yes, we were invited at Maija’s place for brunch and painting Easter eggs. Lovely as always. And the children really loved it, they were also singing, dancing and playing board games. Antonia talks more and more, also in Finnish. and she reflects more and more and connects. She starts asking questions  e.g. what we are doing when are we filling up the car? We told her the car is also sometimes thirsty and needs to drink. What? Water….well, some kind of water. Aha. And hungry? Does it like chicken soup? Ever since, she is worried that the car may need food or water. Sweet girl :)