7/52 - 2018: White

_7501886_LR edited_web.jpg

This theme fits so well to Finland at this time of the year: when temperatures are still far below zero, meters of snow have accumulated and the landscape is still totally....white

A bitter cold week in Finland, with temperatures down to -25 degree celsius. It should not be that cold anymore in middle of february, in my opinion :). anyways, this gave us possibility to spend quite much time on the frozen lake, for barbecueing, and skating. Antonia  starts to skip her lunch sleep now every now and then. If so, she falls asleep a little earlier in the evening and gives Tanya & me our long-missed evening back. That makes a big difference :). Nevertheless, Tanya leaves on thursday to St. Petersburg, and Antonia and me have some batchelor life. We visit Silinjärvi for a swim on the week-end, of course a highlight for the girl. She uses now water wings, without discussion, and is proud to be able to ”swim” without help. There is also some festival in english Kindergarden on the week-end, and Antnia has the possibility to get face painting as Elsa from Frozen. Did I tell that she is crazy about this movie and the characters at the moment? she sings along the songs loudly in preferably in the car. And we have to by Elsa pyjama, Elsa socks etc. Her first crash I would say. Since I am participating in a photography workshop this months, there were a lot of photoshoots planned for this week, and Antonia participates with pleasure. One of them was creating a storytelling picture on planning a trip. We imagined to travel to Austria, it was great fun. Which we will anyhow soon for Easter. In short, we did enjoy this time alone, though Antonia was asking everyday where is Tanya and when she comes back. In Kindergarten, she calls her now “Aiti”. Which melts her heart :).