Ruohobussi - a local company with innovative ideas


I recently did a photoshoot with a local company called “Ruohobussi”, which sells practical and durable goods with special focus in hemp products. The owners are Emmi and Alex, two pioneers with innovative ideas to customize products. Their shop is a restored, green VW T2 bus, transformed into electric, so it runs solely on electrical energy, reflecting their strong vision to live in a more eco-friendly way. They travel with their bus around Finland. If you don't find them on the road, you can always visit their website Have a look, they also have a web shop!

I noticed them some time ago and I've been looking forward to connect. They reflect so much of what is important to me, and what i think is important generally in nowadays life: ecology, nature, adventures, simple life etc. I was really happy when they agreed to model for me and to provide insights into their life, art, vision and ideas. The outcome is a mixture of lifestyle images and product shots, taken of course on a grey, dark Finnish winter day. It was fun though!