Bergamo - where she crossed the line


We travelled recently to Bergamo for a short 4 days trip. With Ryanair. When using this budget airline a few years back i promised to myself I will never use it again. Well I did. And it was way better. Maybe they improved, maybe our overall mood was simply so good from the beginning to the end. This was our long awaited travel, well planned, with fear that it would not come true. Tanya turned 50 and we knew we did not want to spend it at home, none of our homes, but somewhere else. Last her birthdays were spoiled and i spare you the details, so there was great risk that this would happen again. But not this time. Great relief, green light from all sides. So yes we travelled with light heart and empty head and in good mood. Antonia took the late departure very well though we arrived in the middle of the night. Bergamo is a smaller city next to Milan, with a beautiful old town a little uphill, and a modern not less charming new town. There are small trains uphill to the old town (furnicolore) which we took nearly every day. Needless to say that we enjoyed Italian food and even our picky little one was eating very well - mostly Pizza and pasta of course. We rented also a car and visited lake Como (village Varrena - a dream) and lake Garda (villagia Sirmione - pretty but full of people). Driving by car through Italian landscape was the cherry on the cake of this trip. The rooms were perfect, perfectly located and very clean. Antonia was enjoying the time with us tough it was everything else than children’s program. And on the birthday itself, we went for fine dining (but not the roof-top restaurant, that was too posh, something more earthy as we like it) and drank sparkling wine in the middle of the park while our little girl was dancing for us. What can you wish more? :) Happy birthday my love. You crossed this line with dignity, pride, happiness and many good wished for the future :).