42/52 - Quotes

42/52 - Quotes. "The days are long but the years are short". We had to chose a picture to a quote we like. I love this quote. And I hope this picture reflects what I mean.

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Christina B.Comment
38/52 - Family

38/52 - Family. This week was really themed "family". First, my mother visited me in Vienna and second, we spend another lovely day in Hinterbruehel with my aunt and uncle. As a nice surprise, I met also the "Bräuchles", my parent's childhood friends who live now in Chile.

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29/52 - Blue hour

29/52 - Blue hour. We fly back in the evening, when the sun is very low. There is no real blue hour here in Cherskii at the moment, since the sun still does not set. But the sunlight during our departure is so cool, and comes close to the color blue.

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